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"Navigating Crisis: Leadership Styles and Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic a Comprehensive Review"

Dr. Khaleda Kh Alkailanee
Department of Educational foundations and Aministration/ Faculy of Educational Sciences/ The Hashemite University /Jordan P.O box 330127/ Zarqa 13133/
Haitham M Altaany
Social Science, Lecturer at Jadara University
Mohammad Ahmad Nayef Alakash
Assistant Prof. In Political Science, Jadara University – JORDAN,
Sonia Abed ALhamed Darawsheh
Psychological Counseling, Mutah University, Mutah, Jordan,
Dr.Najwa Abdel Hamid Darawsheh
Department of Educational Foundations and Administration/ Faculty of Educational Sciences, Jadara University- Jordan
Dr.Hanadi Alrashdan
Department of Educational Foundations and Administration/ Faculty of Educational Sciences, Jadara University- Irbid- Jordan
Keywords: COVID-19, pandemic, crisis leadership, adaptive leadership, transformational leadership, effective communication, ethical decision-making, community resilience..


The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an urgent need for effective leadership in managing unprecedented crises within healthcare systems worldwide. This literature review examines various leadership styles and strategies deployed during the pandemic, focusing on their efficacy in addressing the challenges posed by the global health crisis. Key findings emphasize the prevalence of adaptive leadership, effective communication, and ethical decision-making as pivotal components in crisis management. Transformational leadership emerges prominently, showcasing its ability to inspire innovation and resilience. The synthesis of diverse approaches underscores the importance of fostering agile leadership models and emphasizes the role of leaders in promoting community resilience. This review contributes to the discourse on crisis leadership, highlighting essential paradigms in navigating challenges and fostering resilience amidst crises. The study aimed to critically analyze and synthesize existing literature on leadership styles during the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing their prevalence, efficacy, and implications for crisis management and community resilience. The results of this study showed the predominance of adaptive and transformational leadership styles during the pandemic. Adaptive leadership demonstrated resilience and flexibility in rapidly changing crisis scenarios, while transformational leadership inspired innovation and fostered organizational resilience. effective communication emerged as a cornerstone for building trust, disseminating information, and ensuring compliance with preventive measures. Additionally, ethical decision-making in governance and resource allocation significantly impacted public trust and support during the crisis.

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