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Article Processing Charges

Article Processing Charges

Article Processing Charges (APC) Structure

In an effort to ensure the sustainability and quality of our journal, we have established a transparent and fair pricing structure for Article Processing Charges (APCs) that reflects the diverse global academic community we serve. Our aim is to provide equitable access to the publication process while maintaining the highest standards of peer review, editorial assistance, and dissemination of scholarly research.

Differentiated Pricing for Authors

Recognizing the varying economic conditions and research funding availability across the globe, we have implemented a tiered pricing approach for authors based on their geographical location. This approach enables us to balance the need to cover operational costs and maintain accessibility for researchers worldwide.

  • Authors from Pakistani, Indian, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanks: The APC for authors affiliated with institutions in mentioned countries is set at $500 USD. This pricing reflects our commitment to support researchers within the local academic landscape and encourage participation from this region.

  • Authors from Other Countries: For authors from other countries, the APC is established at $1099 USD. This tier acknowledges the diverse international research contributions we receive and seeks to accommodate researchers from around the world.