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Prof Martin van Bruinessen is Professor of the Comparative Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies. Prof van Bruinessen has conducted many years of field research in Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia and widely published on the Kurds based on his research carried out on the Kurds of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria since the mid-1970s. He was involved in the establishment of the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM) and occupied the ISIM chair at Utrecht University (1999-2008). He is the author of Agha, Shaikh and State: The Social and Political Structures of Kurdistan (London: Zed Books, 1992). His most recent work includes Producing Islamic knowledge: transmission and dissemination in Western Europe (Routledge Islamic Studies, 2010, with Allievi), Ahl-i Haqq. Encyclopaedia of Islam (2009), The Madrasa in Asia: Political Activism and Transnational Linkages (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2008, with Noor and Sikand), and Sufism and the ‘Modern’ in Islam (I.B. Tauris, 2007, with Howell).
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