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A Proposed Framework for Enhancing the Content of the Life Skills Curriculum for Third-Grade Secondary Students in Light of Knowledge Economy Skills

Dr. Yousef Saeed Alghamdi
Keywords: life skills, knowledge economy skills, knowledge economy, Content analysis.


The current study aimed to determine the extent to which the content of the life skills curriculum for the third year of secondary school includes knowledge economy skills, and to develop a proposed perception for developing the content of the life skills curriculum by including knowledge economy skills. The researcher used the content analysis method and built the study tool, which was represented by a content analysis card, based on a list of knowledge economy skills which included (5) main skills, and a standard was built consisting of a number of indicators that reached (40) sub-skills, and the validity and reliability of the study tool were calculated; By presenting it to a group of experts, the researcher then analyzed the content of the life skills curriculum for the third year of secondary school according to it. The results of the study showed that the knowledge economy skills included in the life skills book for the third year of secondary school were average, and their availability rates varied between the three study units of the book. It was ranked in descending order (social and communication skills 28.10%, thinking and problem-solving skills 27.35%, skills in dealing with information and communication technology 18.39%, behavioral skills 16.29%, economic skills and preparation for the labor market 9.87%). In light of these results, a proposed perception was developed to include knowledge economy skills - which received very low availability rates - in the life skills book, and the study came out with a set of recommendations and proposals.

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