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“Sustainable Architectural Approaches For Reducing Vulnerability To Climate Change In Built Environments- A Cross- Sectional Study Of Institutional Management In Pakistan”

DR. Yasmeen Ahmed
Ar. Mir Wali Shah
Keywords: Climate Change, Pakistan, Vulnerability, Resilient Architecture, Sustainability, Rural Settlements, Women Empowerment.


The effects of climate change have been significant, causing disasters in various parts of the world. It is crucial to have a management framework in place to implement a climate-responsive action plan through architectural strategies. Identifying vulnerability and performing risk assessments are essential steps in developing sustainable governance that is risk-free. Architectural solutions that incorporate sustainable approaches can help address problems caused by rapidly changing climatic conditions in small and large-scale settlements, cities, and regions. Combining artificial intelligence and regional knowledge is a promising way to mitigate the challenges caused by climate change. Standardizing building design based on climate performance will help conserve energy.In Pakistan, there is a shortage of qualified technical professionals in the fields of architecture and town planning. The current number of professionals in both disciplines does not meet the country's needs, particularly in remote and underdeveloped rural areas where resilience is critical. The country faces unplanned urban expansion due to an imbalanced mechanism of resource sharing between urban, peripheral, and rural areas. This paper outlines a solution to reduce vulnerability and achieve resilience in human settlements to mitigate the effects of climate change.


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