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Expressing The Concept Of Peace And Protection For Pakistani Women Through Urdu Poetry

Dr. Shazia Razzaq
Dr. Shabnam Niaz
Dr. Naila Anjum
Dr.Noreen Razzaq
Dr. Qurattulain Tahirah
Naheed Ismail
Keywords: Theoretical, initiatives, emerged, narrative, requirements, violated, restoration, complemented, stability, contributions.


In view of the importance of peace and security for women, theoretical and practical initiatives have emerged in various sciences and fields of life globally. Urdu female poets also have a narrative of peace and security in Pakistani society. Peace and security are among the basic requirements of a woman's life, but it has been tragically violated. Urdu female poets have raised their voice with the help of their pen regarding this situation in Pakistani society and have very boldly raised the slogan of restoration of this fundamental right of women. This article covers these facts and is complemented by the strong arguments of important writings and works of Urdu poets who strive for the establishment, restoration and stability of peace and security in Pakistani society. Through exploring the personal lives and literary contributions of these poets, the article aims to provide a comprehensive look at their efforts in advocating for peace and security.

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