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Future Of Gifted Education: A Talent Development Platform

Omar M. Muammar
Keywords: Giftedness and Talented, Digital Platform, Collective Intelligence, Higher Education.


Prince Mohammad Bin Salman said at the NEOM launch, in 2017, that Saudi Arabia will bring together creative and talented people from across the globe to create something new. In today's knowledge-based economy, talent has become a key driver for innovation, economic growth, and societal development. Many bright people struggle to reach their full potential owing to restricted resources, opportunities, and support. The gifted education ecosystem is lacking continuity, access, scale, integration, and agility to cope with market demands. Inspired by MBS Vision 2030, this article discusses a digital platform that will transform talent development. The goal is to deliver asynchronous individualized learning based on talent’s needed skills and pace, encourage collaboration and networking with like-minded individuals, provide professional development alternatives, and enable creativity via collective intelligence and advanced technologies. The article discusses obstacles of gifted education in tertiary education, asymmetrical growth between gifted education and technology advancement, inadequate holistic talent development, and unutilized bright minds' collective intelligence. In addition, it justifies such a solution in tertiary gifted education endeavour. The article describes a wished-for a talent development platform that identifies and develops talent across domains and various trajectories. The article outlines essential components of the platform, including talent profiling, assessment, a development framework, platform features, and its limitations. The article emphasizes the applications and impacts of technological progress, as well as the unique needs of exceptionally gifted individuals.

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