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Behavioral And Emotional Difficulties In Hearing Impaired Children And Adolescents: A Systematic Review

Nukhbat Ullah Awan
Uzma Malik
Malaika Azam
Anum Nasrullah
Fatima Tahir
Rabia Zulfiqar
Amna Awais
Keywords: emotional problems, behavioural problems, hearing loss, SDQ children.


The current study aims to assemble and evaluate the data about the association between behavioural & emotional problems in hearing-impaired adolescents & children. A thorough search of electronic databases was carried out, including PubMed, Science Direct, PJER, Wiley Online Library, Research Gate, Oxford Academic and Google Scholar to identify relevant studies. Two unbiased reviewers carried out the screening, comparing the papers to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Discussions were used to resolve conflicts, and a third reviewer was called in for final approval. Based on increased scores on measures such as the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ), the systematic review found that adolescents & children with hearing loss have a higher prevalence of behavioural problems than their counterparts who do not have hearing loss. It has been discovered that numerous factors, including the age of diagnosis, communication skills, and the existence of additional disabilities, have an impact on the emergence of behavioural issues. Although early detection of hearing loss did not greatly lessen behavioural problems, it was linked to better language development. When compared to hearing aids, cochlear implant users often had higher social-emotional functioning. One important result was that communication skills play a supporting role in the psychological well-being of the population. This systematic study emphasizes the importance of understanding and resolving behavioural problems in adolescents & children with hearing loss. It emphasizes how crucial early diagnosis and treatment are for promoting language development and psychological health. The results point to the necessity of customized therapies, especially for people who have acquired hearing loss or other disabilities. For this demographic, it is critical to screen for behavioural & emotional problems as well as implement strategies to strengthen social and emotional competencies. The analysis emphasizes the necessity of comprehensive interventions to support children ' well-being who have hearing loss.

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