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Customer Satisfaction and Service Standards: A Survey in Pakistan's General Insurance Market

Shafiq Ahmed
Dr. Muhammad Afzal
 Dr. Khalid Mahmood Mughal
Keywords: Reliability, Assurance, Tangibility, Empathy, Service quality, Customer Satisfaction, Retention, Pakistan.


Analyzing the key benefits of Insur-Tech through policyholders of six different selective general insurance companies from Pakistan's public, private, and Islamic sector is the main objective of the going on research. Multiple regression modeling and primary data from 155 existing corporate policyholders of general and Islamic insurance companies are taken into consideration in order to observe the level of satisfaction of the corporate customer thoroughly.  Based on evidence, the study's results demonstrate that all of the Regressions have a positive effect on service quality in the study region. This indicates that changes in tangibles, empathy, responsiveness, and reliability significantly improve service quality by 0.606, 0.332, 0.262, 0.484, and 0.232 units, respectively, and improve long-term customer satisfaction with the utilization of services from general and Islamic insurance companies. First and foremost, offer clients high-quality services across all insurance offerings in accordance with global norms. Secondly, businesses with low customer loyalty should focus on developing customer loyalty through higher quality of service. Thirdly, in order to decrease customers' inclination to move from insurance, businesses need to offer a wide range of superior services.


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