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A Thematic Analysis Based Study Of Environmental Degradadtion As A Non-Traditional Security Challenge & Governance Reposne In Pakistan

Shahid Ali
Dr Ahmed Ali Brohi
Dr Hamadullah Kakepoto
Dr Naimattulah Shah
Keywords: Climate Change, Environmental Governance, Human & National Security,, Extreme Weather Events, Food Security, Inter / Intra State Conflicts.


Pakistan is 5th most vulnerable country to climate change in the world. Diverse environmental challenges like pollution, deforestation and biodiversity loss etc faced by Pakistan are far more convoluted spilling beyond scope of “Climate Change”. Perpetual onset of Extreme Weather Events tends to undermine human and overall national security. Seven categories of human security and all of the eight Millenium Development Goals in Pakistan are endangered by environmental degradation. This qualitative study is aimed at discussing role of environmental degradation as Non-Traditional Security Challenge to Pakistan, and response of prevailing governance framework. Thematic analysis of the Key Informant Interviews using Atlas.ti reveals intrinsic issues in the environmental governance in Pakistan, which is followed by actionable recommendations.

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