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Tiddis Pottery, A Timeless Imprint And A Source For Writing Its Ancient History

Keywords: Castle, Pottery, Tiddis, Sigillata, Romans.


This research paper delves into the enduring mystery of the ancient city of Tiddis and the role its pottery played in illuminating its ancient history. Pottery served as a crucial material source, providing us with data on both the historical aspect, proving the depth of its roots dating back to the dawn of history. Furthermore, this town maintained its local Libyco authenticity despite Phoenician, Greek, and Carthaginian influences. However, the peak of the region's prosperity in the economic aspect occurred during the Roman period, precisely in the 3rd century AD, where its pottery reached numerous areas across the Mediterranean basin and even within the Roman provinces. In this manner, Tiddis persevered, despite the scarcity, if not absence, of written sources.

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