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Influence of University Social Responsibility in Intercultural Contexts, Peru

Victor Hugo Puican Rodriguez
Wagner Eusberto Malca Tijias
Edgar Ikam Sukut Yaun
Keywords: Education, university, university social responsibility, interculturality, knowledge.


University social responsibility is a determining factor for the institutional development of higher education institutions, so that they can respond more efficiently to social commitments in parallel to quality academic training. The objective of this research was to determine the influence of the USR in intercultural context but UNIFSLB. The work was carried out through a survey of 459 students and through interviews with 04 officials of institutions that defend and protect the rights of the communities. The hypotheses were tested through structural equations. It was found that there is a direct and significant influence of USR on actions interculturalities and in each of its dimensions. This study shows the importance of equitable and sustainable social development, the production and transmission of responsible knowledge and the formation of professionals with principles, since it allows the execution of an efficient USR that guarantees an articulated language between students and teachers, leaving aside cultural and social differences to achieve cultural strengthening in public universities.

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