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Islamic Perspective on Nature and Environmental Challenges in Pakistan

Abdul Waheed
Dr. Muhammad Umar
Hinna Rustam
Kinza Gul
Muhammad Salis
Keywords: Environment, Pollution, protection, Islam, Quran, Pakistan..


In today's world, environmental challenges are recognized as one of humanity's most pressing concerns. Environmental devastation has recently been exacerbated by man's unrestrained use of natural resources to generate revenues. Natural resources such as water, air, earth and plants are the God's creations. As a result, Allah has not given control to man of all things, but instead distributed them freely across the globe for everyone to benefit from to the best of their ability. Environmental protection is therefore a religious obligation. However, unless Pakistanis from all walks of life recognize the importance of protecting themselves against such degeneration, these efforts seem to be in vain. As nighty-five percent of Pakistanis are following Islam, it can play a major role in this regard. Islam’s moral principles and rules can inspire citizens to guard the environment and make our planet fit for future generations. This article is an attempt to explain environmental problems from an Islamic point of view using Qur'anic verses and Islamic narrations

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