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Socio-Environmental Impacts of Solid Waste Management

Rabail Urooj
Nabeela Tariq
Naheed Sajjad
Nosheen Zaheer
Keywords: Disposal, Ecological Paradigm, Management, Regulation, Solid Waste.


The burgeoning human population not only exerting pressure on natural resources extraction but also increases waste generation, which causing environmental degradation and health hazards. Population growth and environmental well-being are closely interlinked. Pakistani cities encounter challenges such as irregular waste collection, open dumping, and burning of solid waste, posing significant environmental risks. In Rawalpindi city, solid waste management is poorly practicing by responsible authority due to the lack of funds and other resources. In order to determine the social and environmental impacts of solid waste, survey-based exploration for data collection was done with the help of questionnaires which were administered at household’s level and health care level in Satellite Town Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Total 128 questionnaires were administered. Twenty households were randomly selected from each of six blocks and seven diagnostic labs and hospital were selected for data collection. Besides supply side information was gathered from Solid Waste Department (SWD), working under Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). Statistical analysis revealed the positive correlation of social and environmental impact with different variables regarding the solid waste. Results underline a direct correlation between solid waste mismanagement and hostile societal and environmental consequences. Open dumping adversely affects health and the local environment due to ineffective waste management practices, slack enforcement of regulations, and inadequate and lack of funding, lapse, and monitoring. Noxious corridor of polluting environment by open dumping of solid waste in residential areas reflects and preludes the restricted healthy environment which is the main factor for vigorous social existence.  Addressing these challenges is critical to fostering a healthier and more sustainable living environment.

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