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The Effect of Motivation, Organizational Support and Organization Norms on Firm Performance as Mediated by Knowledge Sharing Behaviour and Moderated by Technology Advancement

Shankar Chelliah
Keywords: Organizational Support, Develop Management, Innovation Performance, Psychological Safety, Chinese Organizations, Social Context, Knowledge Sharing Behaviour, Including Psychological Safety, Collectivism, Firms.


Background: Due to trends and the integration of talent management and information sharing in the contemporary workplace, research on knowledge sharing has surged in the last several decades. Though knowledge concealing has not been well studied, attempts to promote information sharing have not been successful because workers are reluctant to share their expertise for a variety of reasons. This research examines how the social and performance management contexts may work together to enhance organisational innovation performance from the management context viewpoint.

Aim: The link between motivation, organisational support, organisational norms, and knowledge exchange behaviour might be moderated by technological innovation.

Method: We propose that the social environment and the context of performance management are preceded by psychological safety, collaborative action, and control distance—all facets of organisational culture. We collected survey data from 301 employees of Chinese businesses.

Results: The results of our data analysis demonstrate that the impacts of psychological security, collective action, and distance from authority on innovative performance are totally mediated by the social setting and performance management context. Particularly, power distance has having an adverse direct influence on innovation performance, whereas mental security and collectivism have beneficial benefits.

Conclusion: Our study adds to the body of knowledge in innovation management by providing insights into how businesses may create management contexts that improve their success in innovation.

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