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Innovation Capabilities Vs. Export Capabilities in Entrepreneurs

Jirma Elizabeth, Veintimilla-Ruiz
Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi, Latacunga, Ecuador
Oscar Bladimir
Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi, Latacunga, Ecuador
Luis David
Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi, Latacunga, Ecuador
Isabel Regina
Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi, Latacunga, Ecuador,
Keywords: Capacities, Correlation, Entrepreneurship, Export, Innovation, international markets.


Excellence in international markets is built on the basis of innovation and product quality. While a favorable business environment and government support can foster the success of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs in exports, it is crucial to evaluate how many of the nascent ventures in the Latacunga canton actually exhibit innovative capabilities and meet the requirements for export. Currently, only three organizations are known to export to other countries. In this context, the objective of the research was to discern the relationship between the innovation capabilities and export skills of these entrepreneurs; The dimensions that encompass innovation capabilities and the criteria for evaluating export skills were investigated by consulting various bibliographic sources. Then, an initial analysis was carried out by applying a survey to 108 entrepreneurs, selected from the database of the Entrepreneurship Center of the Technical University of Cotopaxi and those who are part of the university's linkage programs. . The survey used was based on the methodology developed by Margarita Vicente and José Luis Abrantes in 2014, and was validated by two specialists in the field before its implementation.; The reliability of the instrument was developed at 0.89%, and the results revealed a Spearman's Rho rating coefficient of 0.503. This finding confirms the existence of a moderately positive relationship between the two variables analyzed. In addition, deficiencies were identified in compliance with export requirements.

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