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The Relationship between the Academic Promotion Foundations at Jordanian Universities and the Psychological Adjustment Among Faculty Members There

Dr. Hussein Mohamad Atoom
Faculty of Educational Sciences
Dr. Osama Adel Hasouneh
Faculty of Educational Sciences /Jerash University
Dr. Dania Basheer Arabyat
Faculty of Educational Sciences / The World Islamic Sciences & Education University
Dr. yumna Ahmed Mousa Atoum
Faculty of Educational Sciences, Al al-Bayt University, Mafraq, Jordan
Prof. Mohammed Qasem Al. Magableh
Faculty of Educational Sciences/ Jerash University
Dr. Eman Basheer Arabyat
Faculty of Educational Sciences
Keywords: Foundations of Academic promotion, Psychological Adjustment, Jordanian Universities, faculty members.


The study aimed to identify the degree of application of the foundations of academic promotion at Jordanian Universities, indicate the level of Psychological Adaptation among faculty members, and indicate whether there was a correlation between the application of the foundations of Academic Promotion at Jordanian universities and Psychological Adaptation due to the variables: type of University, College, and Academic Rank. among faculty members there. The analytical descriptive correlation approach was used. The study population consisted of all faculty members at Jordanian Universities, (8600) faculty members at the academic year 2022/2023 (Ministry of Higher Education, 2022), The sample was chosen randomly, it consisted of (269) faculty members at the Jordanian Private and Public Universities. A questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection, after conducting the appropriate statistical treatment. The study found the following results:  The degree of application of Foundations Promotion at Jordanian Universities among faculty members came with a medium degree, and the level of Psychological Adjustment among faculty members at Jordanian Universities was also medium, and there was a positive correlation at the significance level (@=0.05) between the Academic Promotion Foundations at Jordanian Universities and the Psychological Adjustment of faculty members there were due to the variables (type of University, College, Academic Rank).. The study recommended the need to reconsider and pay attention to participatory and to give the faculty members the opportunity to participate in decision-making and to explain the justifications to them in line with the interest of the work, and to hold periodic meetings between faculty members and departments to exchange views.

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