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Calligraphy Transformation of Yang Ningshi: Exploration in the Vision of Semiotics

Ting Zhang
Phd candidate in School of Liberal Arts, Metharath University, Pathumthani, 12160, Bangkok, Thailand,
Dhirawit Pinyonatthagarn
Asst. Professor in School of Liberal Arts, Metharath University, Bangkok, Thailand
Keywords: Yang Ningshi,Calligraphy, transformation, Symbolics,.


Yang Ningshi (873-954) was one of the important calligraphers in Chinese history. This article aims to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between Yang Ningshi's calligraphy practice and his transformation from a semiotic perspective, and to explore how he shifted from "Shang fa" to "Shang yi". By comparing and analyzing the causes and manifestations of Yang Ningshi's "Chives Flower Calligraphy" and "Lanting Preface", this article aims to explore the transition from "Shang fa" to "Shang yi". This provides a new perspective and inspiration for understanding and inheriting calligraphy art.

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