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Factors Affecting Millennial College Students’ Job Satisfaction in Jiangsu Province in China

Shi Hong Zhen
Wuxi Institute of Technology, No.1600, Gaolang West Road, Binhu District, Wuxi, China
Jacquline Tham
Post Graduate Centre
Ali Khatibi
Management and Science University
S. M. Ferdous Azam
University Drive, Off Persiaran Olahraga, Section 13, 40100, Selangor, Malaysia
Keywords: Job satisfaction, Millennial college students, Southern Jiangsu Province, Employment conflicts, Regional factors..


Job satisfaction among millennial college students in Southern Jiangsu Province is a crucial aspect affecting their overall well-being and societal contribution. As the first of the “six stabilizers” and “six preservers,” stable employment holds significant importance in safeguarding individuals’ livelihoods and fostering societal harmony. The pursuit of high-quality employment permeates the entire spectrum of college education, transcending mere graduation concerns. In recent years, the phenomenon of employment for college graduates has been fraught with challenges such as job scarcity, increasing competition, evolving job demands, and the emergence of novel occupations. Despite efforts, statistics indicate a gradual decline in job satisfaction among college students since 2018, accompanied by a rise in unemployment rates and a propensity for frequent job changes. This phenomenon underscores the pressing need to address the escalating employment conflicts. Within the context of the new era, millennial college students have emerged as essential players in the aspects of education and employment. Consequently, there is a growing scholarly interest and institutional focus on understanding and enhancing their employment prospects. However, existing literature predominantly concentrates on national or institutional-level surveys, neglecting regional nuances and the unique characteristics of the millennial cohort. Addressing these research gaps, this study adopts an observational approach to investigate the factors influencing job satisfaction among millennial college students in Southern Jiangsu Province. Utilizing a combination of literature analysis and questionnaire surveys, the study aims to develop hypotheses and validate the determinants of job satisfaction specific to this demographic. By shedding light on the nuanced interplay of factors shaping job satisfaction, the research endeavors to offer actionable insights for governmental agencies, enterprises, and students alike. Ultimately, the findings of this study aspire to inform targeted interventions and policy measures geared towards enhancing the employment experience and overall well-being of millennial college students in Southern Jiangsu Province.

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