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Servant Leadership, Organizational Innovation Climate, and Innovation Performance: The Mediating Role of Innovation Capability

Lifen Xie
Jiujiang University,332005, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, China
Hui Guo
Innovation College, North-Chiang Mai University, 50230, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Keywords: servant leadership; organizational innovation climate; innovation capability; innovation performance.


This study investigates the direct impact of servant leadership, organizational innovation climate, and innovation capability on innovation performance, with a focus on the mediating role of innovation capability. The quantitative research was adopted to collect and analyse the quantitative data. The service-oriented Chinese enterprises involved 200 employees were selected as the research focus. Correlation and regression analyses were applied, supplemented by the Preacher and Hayes technique and Bootstrap technique for mediating effect validation. The findings demonstrate positive and significant relationships between servant leadership, organizational innovation climate, innovation capability, and innovation performance. Notably, innovation capability fully mediates the connections between servant leadership and innovation performance as well as between organizational innovation climate and innovation performance. In today's highly competitive market, achieving business innovation performance is crucial. This study contributes a robust theoretical framework for organizations aiming to enhance overall performance. Emphasizing the pivotal role of innovation in driving success, the research underscores the significance of cultivating an innovative culture for businesses to effectively compete and sustain a competitive advantage.

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