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The Individual International Criminal Liability for Violating the Protection of Civil Defense Personnel During Armed Conflicts

Dhulfiqar Jundi Dawood Al-Mayali
College of Law, University of Kerbala, Iraq
Salah Jubair Saddam Al-Busaisi
College of Law, University of Kerbala, Iraq
Keywords: Individual international criminal responsibility, civil defense personnel, international humanitarian law, international crimes, armed conflicts..


One of the most important developments that is considered a qualitative shift in international humanitarian law is the acknowledgment that the individual bears international criminal responsibility for violating the rules of international humanitarian law, after the responsibility only affected states. Therefore, he had to bear his international punishment as a result of committing acts that are considered international crimes covered by the provisions of the law. International humanitarian law, and national laws have not neglected to state the individual’s criminal responsibility in their constitutional and legislative texts for the purpose of strengthening international protection for civil defense personnel during armed conflicts and to enhance self-confidence and remove the obsession with fear of the violations that they will face in the humanitarian tasks assigned to them.

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