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The Impact of Learned Helplessness on Academic Procrastination Mediated by Self-Motivation among Jordanian University Students

Dr. Imad Ahmed Musa AL-Maraziq
Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology Department of Curricula and Instruction Faculty of Educational Sciences-Jerash University
Dr. Basma Mohammad AL-Hawamdeh
Assistant Professor in Curriculum and Teaching Methodology, Social Faculty of Educational Sciences - University of Jerash Studies
Dr. Hamzeh Ahmad Abdurrahman Al- qiam
Assistant Professor, Curricula and Teaching Methods of Mathematics, Faculty of Education Sciences, Jerash University- Jordan
Dr. Waleed Mofleh Mahmoud AL-Jarrah
Assistant Professor in Foundation of Education Department of Curricula and Instruction Faculty of Educational Sciences, Jerash University
Dr. Hussein Mohamad Ali Atoom
Assistant Professor of Educational Administration at the Faculty of Education Sciences, Jerash University, Jerash- Jordan
Keywords: Learned Helplessness; Academic Procrastination; Self-Motivation..


This study examines how Self-Motivation and learned Helplessness influence academic Procrastination. This study utilized a quantitative survey to analyze the relationships between learned Helplessness, academic Procrastination, and Self-Motivation among 421 Jordanian university students. Data analysis involved descriptive assessments, reliability, and validity checks using SPSS. SmartPLS 4, specifically Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM), was employed for hypothesis testing, suited for complex models and smaller samples. The questionnaire was built based on scales by Moneva et al. (2020), Tuckman (1991), and Quinless et al. (1988), comprising of 45 items across three sections, measuring Self-Motivation, Procrastination, and Learned Helplessness. The study's findings provide substantial support for a significant inverse relationship between Learned Helplessness and Self-Motivation and between Self-Motivation and Academic Procrastination. Learned Helplessness is found to have a positive impact on Academic Procrastination, and Self-Motivation significantly mediates the relationship between Learned Helplessness and Academic Procrastination. In addition, the total effect of Learned Helplessness on Academic Procrastination is direct and indirect, signifying its extensive influence.

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