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Analysis of Narrative Discourse Techniques in the Modern Arabic Novel the Novel Atlas of Invisibility by Mansoura Ezz El-din is an Example (Critical and Analytical Study) (Critical and Analytical Study) Preparation

Dr. Sanaa Soliman Saeed Mostafa
Assistant Professor of Literature and Criticism. Department of Arabic Language & Literature, Faculty of Education, Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University. Saudi Arabia. 2024 AD-1445 AH
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Narrative narrative is the most important artistic element in the Arabic novel. It is the element responsible for conveying events and characters to the reader and creating an atmosphere of excitement and enjoyment. In recent years, the Arabic novel has witnessed a great development in the structure of the narrative narrative, as many new techniques have emerged that have given the novel a new and different form (). This research deals with the techniques of narrative structure in the Arabic novel in general, followed by specification and application to one of the modern novels that gained wide popularity due to its literary weight and because it contains a strong narrative structure, which is the novel “Atlas of Invisibility” by the distinguished writer Mansoura Ezz El-Din, through Applied critical study. This research will also examine the biography of the writer Mansoura Ezz El-Din and her place in Egyptian and Arab literature, and review her fictional and short-story works, with a focus on the novel Atlas of Invisibility in terms of its theme, content, characters and style, benefiting from many references that dealt with the structure of the narrative narrative in the Arabic novel in general and some works. Which dealt with the structure of the narrative in the novel Atlas of Invisibility in particular. research importance This study is distinguished by the importance of its subject, as it dealt with many components of the narrative structure in the novel “Atlas of Invisibility” by Mansoura Ezz El-Din, which is one of the most important modern Arabic novels recently published by the writer. The study is also distinguished by its critical and applied approach. Which gives it a theoretical, practical and cultural dimension. It is expected that this study will contribute to enriching critical research in the field of the Arabic novel, and revealing the new narrative techniques used by writers in the modern Arabic novel. research aims This study aims to achieve the following objectives:

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