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The Spatial Variation of Predictive Value for Date Production in Thi Qar Governorate, Iraq

Hanan Yahya Muhammad
Aliraqia University, College of Arts, Department of Geography, Iraq.
Munaf Muhammad Zrzor
University of Baghdad - Ibn Rushd College of Education for Humanities, Department of Geography, Iraq
Abdul Amir Juma Mahdi
Aliraqia University, College of Arts, Iraq.
Mahmoud Majeed Ibrahim
Aliraqia University, College of Arts, Iraq
Qudos Osama Qawam
University of Baghdad, College of Arts, Department of Geography, Iraq
Keywords: Dates, Regression Coefficient, Date, Thi Qar, Production..


Geography studies the phenomena present on the Earth's surface, describing patterns and analyzing the processes that have created them. It aims to make more accurate and positive decisions supported by data databases, scientific models, applied studies, and analytical models. Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has gained significant attention, especially in the academic field, particularly in geography and its connection to geographic information systems and remote sensing. This interest stems from the integration of geography and artificial intelligence (Geo AI), which provides various new methods for addressing a variety of problems through systematic modeling to monitor and predict geographic reality.

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