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The Soviet Era in the Focus of 21st Century Georgian Literature (According to Beso Solomanashvilil’s Novel A Tale of the Old Executed and of those to be Executed)

Ana Gogilashvili doctor of philology
Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University; Tbilisi, Georgia
Malkhaz (Soso) Vakhtangashvili doctor of history
Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University; Tbilisi, Georgia,
Keywords: Literature, History, Soviet Union, Modern Georgian Novel, Russian Occupation.


The main object of our research is to illustrate the influence of the Soviet era on modern Georgian literature. Article is dedicated to the historical-literary analysis of Soviet epoch tragic events based on Beso Solomanashvili's novel A Tale of the Old Executed and those to be Executed, published in 2019. The following research methods are used to solve the scientific issue: methods of induction and deduction, methods of text observation and analysis, conceptual interpretation method, and comparative-historical method.The given literary work is one of the modern works that resonate with the Soviet era. The results of the research showed that in the 21st century the mentioned topic is still relevant. This fact once again proves that the traces of the Soviet system are still very evident on the Georgian reality and their daily life, people's characters and lifestyle. Added to this is Russia's aggressive and conquering policy, which reminds us of itself every day (20% of the country's territory is occupied, creeping occupation, constant abduction and humiliation of people from the so-called administrative borderline villages) and makes the feeling of finally leaving the Soviet era behind, in the past even more difficult to achieve.

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