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The Impact of Core Competencies of Human Resources on Organizational Excellence: The Mediating Role of Human Capital in International Food Industry Companies: Case Study of Dura Food Industries Company

Associate Prof. Ahmed Fawaz Malkawi
Jerash university, Faculty of Business, Accounting department, Jerash. Jordan,
Associate Prof. Mohammad Fahmi Alzyoud
Al-Ahliyya Amman University: Marketing department. Amman. Jordan
Prof. Osamah Abdul-Munim Ali
Jerash university, Faculty of Business, Accounting department, Jerash. Jordan
Assistant Prof. Basim Ahmad Almbaidin
Jerash university, Faculty of Business, Accounting department, Jerash.
Assistant Prof. Mohamed Adnan Hammouri
Arab Open University / headquarters - Kuwait- Business development director
Assistant Prof. Deaa Al-Deen Al-Sraheen
Al al-Bayt University, School of Business, Accounting department, Mafraq. Jordan
Keywords: Core Competencies, Human Resources, Organizational Excellence, Human Capital..


This study aims to determine the impact of Core Competencies of human resources on organizational excellence, with the mediating role of human capital in international food industry companies, using a descriptive-analytical methodology through a case study data analysis to achieve the research objectives. The population of the current study consists of all employees at Dura Food Industries Company in Jordan from the level of department heads and above, totaling 68 employees. A simple random sample of 45 employees was selected to conduct the study. A The designed questionnaire was primarily used to collect data from the study sample, which was analyzed through using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS V.20). The study revealed several results, including the presence of an indirect effect of human capital on the relationship between Core Competencies and organizational excellence. This may be attributed to human capital being a crucial source of the company's Core Competencies, possessing experiences, knowledge, and skills that enable achieving organizational excellence by creating new resources, achieving high performance rates, surpassing competitors, and exploring and investing in future opportunities. This helps the company generate and maximize value, achieve progress and development, ensuring its continuity and sustainability. Key recommendations emphasize the necessity of building and developing Core Competencies in Jordanian industrial companies as an important source for achieving excellence, distinctiveness, and competitive advantages. These capabilities should be diversified to align with the company's environment, nature, capabilities, and resources.

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