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Exploring Fall Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies for Older Adults: A Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis of Home Environment Assessments

Sen Gao
School of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia,
A.Z.A. Majid
School of the Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Minden, Penang,
S. Siti Suhaily
Yang Xu
Keywords: Fall, Fall risk factors, Prevention strategies, home environment Bibliometric Methods.


With the growth of the older population, there is a global consensus to actively address the issue of ageing and to promote coordinated economic and social development. Life safety is crucial for the elderly, and falls are a major health problem worldwide. The development of intelligent systems or products to prevent falls in the elderly can reduce the risk of falls and avoid the physical and mental injuries and huge economic costs that falls bring to the elderly. Therefore, experts and scholars from all walks of life have paid more attention to the research on the topic of preventing falls in the elderly. In this paper, a bibliometric analysis of all published scopus database and science direct database on fall risk and prevention in home environment from 1991 to 2024 was conducted. The current status of research in fall risk and prevention in home environment is further discussed. The bibliometric analysis during the study period revealed annual scientific publications, average citations, locally cited literature, most relevant sources, country of corresponding author, national scientific production and national collaborations world map. The ten most cited articles are described in detail in the qualitative analysis section of the paper.

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