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Economic Factors Contributing to Recidivism from Karak Governorate's Lawyers' Perspective

Ahmad Abdul Salam Al-Majali
Balqa Applied University- Jordan
Keywords: behaviour, economic factors, crime, poverty, correction and rehabilitation centers, return to crime, lawyers..


Purpose of the Study: The study also aimed to identify the point of view of Karak Governorate’s lawyers in Jordan towards the social factors that contribute to recidivism. The study aims to identify:

  1. The social factors contributing to recidivism from the perspective from Karak Governorate's lawyers' perspective.
  2. The relationship between the demographic characteristics of lawyers in Karak governorate and the social factors contributing to recidivism.

Methodology: To achieve the goal of the study, a study tool (a questionnaire) was developed for the purpose of collecting data for its analysis, and the tool included two parts: (personal variables and social dimension items). The validity and stability of the tool was confirmed, and the tool was distributed among the study sample of (237) Researchers from lawyers in Karak governorate.

Main Findings: the study reached a set of results, the most important of which are:

The attitudes of lawyers in Karak Governorate in Jordan towards the social factors contributing to recidivism to crime came at a high degree, with an overall average of (3.56), and a standard deviation (0.97).

Applications of this study: this study can be useful for many of the governmental and non-governmental institutions such as Criminal Legislative Organs, Social institutions, Social defense and Law firms…etc.,

Originality of this Study: the importance of the study stems from the theoretical and practical side, as follows:

  1. The theoretical aspect: it provides theoretical literature and enriches the Arab library on the issue of factors contributing to recidivism, and that identifying the relationship between social factors and recidivism has an effective role in the success of reform programs within correctional institutions.
  2. The practical aspect, as follows:
  3. Knowing the attitudes of lawyers in Karak governorate towards the social factors that contribute to recidivism.
  4. It provides recommendations based on scientific results that may assist decision-makers and officials towards developing policies and strategies that contribute to reducing recidivism.
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