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Place in the Poetry of Harbi Al-Masri, “I Longed for a Cloud” Diwan as a Model

Eman Mohammed Rabea
Arabic Language & Literature, Jerash University, Jordan
Abeer Bany Mustafa
Arabic Language & Literature, Jerash University, Jordan
Keywords: Place; Poetry; Modern Poetry; Harbi al-Masri; Jordanian Poet..


This research aimed to address place in the poetry of Harbi al-Masri, “I Longed for a Cloud” Diwan (poetry collection) as a model, and to examine the impact of place in his poetry, as hardly any poem in the Diwan is devoid of place, as these places have an important place in the poet’s soul, they are with him wherever he goes. The approach that the researcher followed in order to reach the desired results is the descriptive and analytical approach, and the research will include several chapters, which are Introduction, introduction to the poet, definition of place linguistically and idiomatically, and place in the poetry of Harby al-Masri. The study ended with a conclusion that included the most important results, then a list of sources and references.

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