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An Analysis of Semantic and Syntactic Deviation in the Poems Collection Titled "A Departure Ended with Enallage" by Saud Bin Solyman Al-Youssef

Dr. Neda Mohammed Abdualaziz Alhogbani
The Department of Arabic Language and Literature, College of Education in Alkharj, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia, KSA,
Keywords: deviation, poetry, semantic deviation, syntactic divergence..


Deviation is a prevalent occurrence in stylistics, including the innovative utilization of lexical elements and syntactic structures to deviate from typical writing styles. The primary objective of this study is to examine the use of deviation in the collection of poems titled "A Departure Ended with looking back" by Saud bin Sulaiman Al-Yousef. The study also seeks to uncover the artistic significance of these poems by analyzing their stylistic elements, particularly focusing on two key types of deviation: semantic deviation and syntactic deviation. The stylistic technique is employed to examine the semantic and syntactic variance inherent in the anthology of poetry. The utilization of deviation is most effective in poetic texts, as it serves as a creative element that helps shape the meaning of the text through various stylistic structures. The predominant styles of semantic deviation include metaphorical imagery and metonymy, while the syntactic level is characterized by the use of interrogative style and enallage.The Findings of the Study: The study has yielded several findings, with the most significant being that the utilization of metaphors and metonymy contributes to the formation of semantic and inferential deviance.  However, syntactic deviation can manifest in various styles, including interrogation and enallage.Recommendations: Deviation is considered a stylistic occurrence characterized by language that diverges from typical speech. It is employed by creative authors to depart from conventional language and its regulations. This analysis examines the poet's body of work and uncovers the psychological factors that influenced his artistic development.

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