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A Prospective Study of Psychological and Social Variables as Predictors of Methamphetamine use (Shabu) among Young People in Al-Jouf Region

Dhafallah M Alotaibi
Department of Psychology, College of Education, Jouf University, Jouf, Saudi Arabia.
Manal Z. Abdelmeged
Department of Education and Psychology, Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Jouf University, Jouf, Saudi Arabia.
Keywords: Psychological Determinants, Social Determinants; Drug Users; Binary Logistic Regression; The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The abuse of shabu drug leads to addiction, degradation, psychological, physical, social and economic diseases for the individual and the society. This research aimed to identify some of the psychological and social determinants among a sample of shabu users in the Jouf area. To achieve this goal, a sample of shabu drug users and frequenters of addiction treatment clinics was selected; as well as a sample of non-users of shabu drug as a control group. Data were also collected and analysed using various methods and statistical techniques. The most important results indicated a simple correlation between age, social status, education level, residence pattern, family history of drug use, abnormal family climate, Impulsiveness, Somatization, Interpersonal Sensibility, depression, anxiety, and paranoid ideation. While no correlation was proven between monthly spending, working status, normal family climate and Venturesomeness. At the level of multiple relationships, no effect of any of the variables was evident in the binary logistic regression model in this research. These results were also discussed, and many recommendations were mentioned.

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