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An Environmental Assessment of the Qualitative Characteristics of Surface Water in Al-Mishkhab District, Al-Najaf Governorate

Hassan Abdullah Hassan
College of Education, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq
Safaa M. Almudhafar
Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq
Iman A. Al-Atabi
Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq
B. A. Almayahi
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq
Keywords: Surface water pollution, degradation, awareness raising, solid waste treatment, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, water resource management..


This research study proposes solutions for addressing pollution and degradation of surface water in a specific study area. The researcher identifies major problems and suggests a range of measures to tackle them. The proposed solutions include raising awareness among residents about the economic, social, and cultural value of water, creating alternative locations for agricultural land and informal settlements, constructing a new solid waste treatment plant, regulating the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and enforcing penalties for violators of water networks. Other recommendations involve avoiding the use of polluted sites for human activities and ensuring optimal utilization of surface water resources.

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