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Measuring the Relationship between External Debt and the Exchange Rate in Iraq for the Period (2005-2022)

Dr.Maiami Salal Sahib
Iraq\ University of Al-Qadisiyah\ College of Administration &Economics\Department of Economics
Keywords: relationship measurement, exchange rate, total external debt, error correction form.


The research aims to find out the extent to which exchange rate fluctuations contribute to the total external debt in Iraq for the period (2005-2022), as well as to clarify the significance impact of exchange rate fluctuations in the external debt for the period and that the importance of the research is evident from its association with the importance of the exchange rate as a major linking tool between the local economy and international economies, so the fluctuations of exchange rates leave an inevitable impact on the country's economy, both in its internal transactions. As the research community was represented in the Iraqi economy, while the sample was represented in the external debt, and the method Econometrics and statistical analysis was used for research through the use program ((Eviews13). The research reached a number of conclusions, including that the external public debt in Iraq is very high in the first years of the research period and then decreased percentages in the last years of the research period. It was also found that there is a positive moral impact between exchange rate fluctuations and external debt, as external debt is also affected by exchange rate fluctuations. The research recommended the need for the Iraqi state to work to stabilize prices, Should the currency be devalued to ensure that the cost of domestic products does not rise.

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