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Existing Quality Assurance Frameworks for Online Learning Platforms

Hussin Ahmad Hamzah
International Islamic University Malaysia
Muhamad Sadry Abu Seman
International Islamic University Malaysia
Keywords: Quality Assurance Framework, Online Learning platforms, and e-learning quality frameworks..


With the outbreak of COVID-19 came an increase in online learning platforms as educational institutions moved towards e- Learning; quality assurance became paramount. This paper seeks to review and compare existing quality assurance frameworks for online learning platforms across three regions - United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Middle Eastern nations - before offering recommendations to enhance e-learning quality in higher education environments. An expert panel conducted a systematic review examining and comparing various quality assurance frameworks to assess online learning platforms. The review focuses on frameworks such as Quality Matters (QM), Online Learning Consortium (OLC), and the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) Framework for Quality Assurance in E-learning (E-excellence). The review reveals the diverse scope and focus of the quality assurance frameworks, highlighting their differences and similarities. It identifies each framework's standards and guidelines for evaluating content quality, accessibility, usability, and pedagogy. Effective quality assurance frameworks depend on their implementation and adoption by educational institutions. This paper concludes by offering recommendations to enhance e-learning quality in higher education based on insights gleaned by reviewing existing frameworks in the UK, Malaysia, and Middle Eastern nations.

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