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Investigating the Role of AI Chatbots in Improving the Advanced Research Services for Undergraduate Level Students in the UAE

Faycal Farhi
Associate Professor, College of Communication and Media - Al Ain University - United Arab Emirates
Riadh Jeljeli
Associate Professor, College of Communication and Media - Al Ain University - United Arab Emirates,
Samira Setoutah
Associate Professor, University of Sharjah, UAE & Assistant Professor, University of khorfakkan, College of Arts, Sciences and Information
Mohamed Mallek
Technology, Departement of communication
Keywords: ChatGPT, Library Systems, Library Research Inquiries, Research Skills, Task Technology Fit (TTF).


ChatGPT has facilitated the students in multiple ways. Talking particularly about its usefulness in library services provides several opportunities to students, enabling them to search and streamline their research endeavors. This research also examined the role of ChatGPT in faulting the library advance research services for undergraduate-level students in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) supported by Task Technology Fit (TTF) theory. Data gathered using 386 structured questionnaires was analyzed using Partial Least Square-Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM). Results revealed that ChatGPT Use for Library Search significantly affects Library Research Inquiries, indicating that ChatGPT has improved research assistance, providing satisfactory advanced research resources, further leading to enhanced student research skills. Further, the effect of ChatGPT Use for Library Search on Research Skills among undergraduate students also remained significant. It was found that ChatGPT has improved skills regarding locating and evaluating the required research information, further improving the ability to select and apply suitable research approaches. Also, information retrieval and improved competence remained prominent. Finally, the effect of ChatGPT Use for Library Search on User Experience was significant. It was found that accessibility, user-friendly interface, organization, and structure of ChatGPT contribute to a positive user experience. Also, the online catalogs and databases are intuitive and encourage efficient information retrieval. It is concluded that AI technologies, particularly ChatGPT, go beyond theoretical concepts and show practical applications in academic settings. Incorporating AI into library research services is an advantageous strategy to meet the various needs of undergraduate students. Thus, there is a prospect to improve advanced research services and contribute to overall academic success in the evolving educational technology landscape.

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