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A Conceptual Application of the Emotional-Cultural Design Framework (ECDF) in Designing Pleasurable Chinese Interior Spaces

Liang Rui
School of Housing, Building and Planning Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
Dr. Muhammad Firzan Bin Abdul Aziz
School of Housing, Building and Planning Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
Keywords: Emotional-Cultural Design Framework, New Chinese Decorative Style, Interior Spaces.


Emotions are guided by individuals’ interactions with their surroundings. Therefore, interior designers commit additional effort to beautifying places which individuals loiter frequently. Designers should collect valuable information about users’ preferences before designing interior spaces with elements reflecting cultural and user preferences. This study incorporated emotional elements in interior space design and developed a conceptual framework to integrate sentimental satisfaction in achieving pleasurable and delightful interior design. Specifically, design environment and strategies were employed to ensure that interior design encompassed visceral, behavioural, and reflective attributes to create congenial interior spaces. The study appraised the emotional design concept by identifying the three levels of users’ emotional responses to relevant designs proposed in previous theoretical frameworks. Subsequently, a conceptual framework was proposed by the study upon reviewing and determining primary interior design features in past studies to develop strategies for accomplishing positive emotional design outcomes. The study presented future research directions to expand present conceptual framework.

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