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Unveiling Bias in Tech Giants: a CDA of Frances Haugen’s Facebook Whistleblower Speech

Marwah Firas Abdullah Al-Rawe (MA)
Department of English, College of Education for Humanities, University of Anbar, Iraq,
Hazim Hakkush Al Dilaimy (PhD)
Department of English, Al-Maarif University College, Iraq,
Muslih Shwayash Ahmed (PhD)
Department of English, Al-Maarif University College, Iraq,
Keywords: CDA, Facebook, Dominance, Haugen, Social power, Instagram..


This research analyzes the explicit and derogatory language utilized by Frances Haugen, an American former data manager, in her address on the Instagram application influence on teens’ mental well-being. This study fills a need in the existing body of critical discourse analysis (CDA) research by specifically examining how abuse, negative expressions, and social power were employed in Haugen’s discourse on Instagram. Information was classified followingVan-Dijks’ (2006) socio cognitive approaches, which employs 10 ideological criteria to reveal the existence of racism, racial, and power prejudice. The investigation explores how language is structured to convey various meanings indicative of power relations in social contexts. The study underscores the CDA role in dissecting elements of hegemony and power, demonstrating how language users manipulate them for effective communication. Abuse arises from the exercise of power by language users, shaping perceptions and ideologies imposed by speakers to assert dominance over addressees. The research suggests that Haugen’s speech predominantly involves language aspects that transgress social norms, projecting a superiority and sense of authority over other participants.

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