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Unlocking Financial Well-being How Financial Behaviour and Ai-Driven Inclusive Finance Foster Financial Stability

Ruchi Sarwal
Research Scholar, Lovely Professional University (Phg.)
Dr. Amit Kakkar
Associate Professor, Lovely Professional University (Phg.),
Dr. Pooja Sharma
Associate Professor, Lovely Professional University (Phg.)
Dr. Mithilesh
Assistant Professor, IBS Hyderabad
Keywords: Financial behaviour, financial inclusion, financial well-being, artificial intelligence, Mediation, SDG, Poverty.


Achieving financial well-being is everyone's life goal. Financial educators have strongly emphasised their research into the factors influencing financial well-being for the past few decades. Digital financial inclusion is becoming increasingly important in the conversation about aiding those at the bottom of the pyramid engaged in the financial system. Fintech companies use artificial intelligence (AI) and its various applications to assist and realise the aim of digital financial inclusion, ensuring that women, young people, low-income earners, and the impoverished participate in the mainstream financial market and can improve their financial well-being. The current study examined the roles that financial behaviour, financial efficacy, and financial attitude play in achieving financial well-being. The current study explored the mediating role of AI-enabled financial inclusion and established that it was, to some degree, mediating the association between financial behaviour and financial well-being. The SMART PLS was used to evaluate the data from 426 respondents. The study underlined the value of sound financial attitude, behaviour and participation in giving financial security to those in the socioeconomic strata. The study emphasised how crucial it is to provide financial education to foster sound financial practices. In order to increase the majority of the population's financial security, it was stressed how important it is to include them financially. The research supports the UN’s SDGs, which aim to eradicate poverty worldwide.

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