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Analysis of Tooth Loss in Lokbaintan Village, Banjar Regency

Debby Saputera
Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Lambung Mangkurat University Banjarmasin-Indonesia
Bayu Indra Sukmana
Department of oral Biology, Facultu of dentistry, Lamung Mangkurat University Banjarmasin-Indonesia
Riky Hamdani
Department of Dental Public Health, Faculty of Dentistry, Lambung Mangkurat University Banjarmasin-Indonesia
Rosihan Adhani
Department of Dental Public Health, Faculty of Dentistry, Lambung Mangkurat University Banjarmasin-Indonesia
Keywords: age, body mass index, tooth loss.


Banjar Regency is one of the districts in South Kalimantan Province that suffers from dental and oral health issues, particularly tooth loss. The prevalence of tooth loss in Banjar Regency was 15.94%. Tooth loss can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including advancing age and poor nutritional status. Objectives: This research is to analyse the incidence of tooth loss based on age and nutritional status. Methods: The incidence of tooth loss in Lokbaintan Village was assessed using a cross-sectional study. The research sample included 42 respondents that were chosen at random. Direct examination of the respondent's oral cavity with a disposable mouth mirror was used to measure tooth loss, which was documented on an odontogram sheet. Body mass index is calculated using the results of measuring body weight with scales and height with a microtoise. The Pearson correlation test and the linear regression test were used to assess the data. Results: The average tooth loss was 5.10, with a body mass index of 25.14 and an average age of 40.79. The amount of tooth loss is unrelated to body mass index (r = -0,854, p-value < 0,644), However, age is related to the amount of tooth loss (r = 0,491, p-value <0,004). Regression analysis showed that age was a predictor of the number of teeth lost.  (β: 0,080; R2: 0, 241; p < 0,004). Conclusion: In Lokbaintan Village, Banjar Regency, ageing is the primary cause of tooth loss, so as people age, more attention needs to be given to their dental and oral health.

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