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"Improving Financial Performance through Participative Management: The Impact of Transactional Leadership in Jordanian Telecommunications Companies"

Ahmad Marei
Middle East University, Amman, Jordan
Keywords: Transactional leadership, Participative Management..


In the context of Jordanian telecommunications firms, this research investigates the influence that transactional leadership has on participatory management practices. The research was conducted on a total of five hundred employees drawn from the departments of operation, communications, and human resources respectively. The information on demographic data, transactional leadership, and participatory management practices were collected through the use of a questionnaire survey. The data were analyzed with SPSS, which included calculating mean, frequency, and standard deviation and variance; also, the Cronbach's Alpha testing were utilized to evaluate the degree that the data were consistent. In this study, the hypotheses were investigated using both multiple and basic linear regression. According to the findings of the research, there is a close association among transactional leaders and participatory management practices. These procedures include collaboration, shared responsibility, empowering, decision-making procedures, open communication, and also development and training. These results are important for middle - level managers within Jordanian telecom industry as they offer advice for effective transformational strategy that foster participatory leadership and enhance organizational performance. These research results also have implications for the management control society. This research adds towards the current literature on leadership and management by providing empirical evidence on the interplay between transactional leaders and participatory management practices in a particular setting. This makes a significant contribution to a current literature on management and leadership. Future research might build on such results and improve upon the limitations of the study, which include the sample group and the emphasis on only one particular business.

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