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Connotations of Place in the Poetry of Al-Rusafi Al-Balansi Al-Andalusi (D. 572 AH)

Mahmoud Mohammed Rabei
Associate Professor, Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Department: Arabic Literatures, University: Jerash University Jerash, Jordan
Keywords: Place; Longing and Nostalgia; Love and Adoration; Social Connotations; al-Rusafi al-Balansi; Andalusian Poetry..


This study seeks to reveal the main connotations of place in the poetry of al-Rusafi al-Balansi al-Andalusi, represented in the psychological connotations that revolved around: the connotation of longing and nostalgia for some places related with memories of childhood and youth, as well as emotional places full of love, warmth, and reassurance that are also filled with emotional and spiritual pressure.The study also presented the social connotations of the place in the poet’s poetry, which reflected the nature of the social relations between people and the standard of living of some groups of society at that time.The study attempted - in the beginning to clarify the importance of place in relation to the literary work, then the research began to study the manifestation of the most important connotations contained in the poetry of al-Rusafi al-Balansi al-Andalusi, which are the psychological and social connotations.The study adopted the descriptive analytical method to reach the results noted in the conclusion, the study was then concluded with a list of sources and references from which it benefited.

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