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Conditions and Justifications for Armed Groups’ Compliance with International Humanitarian Law

Prof. Dr. Maha Muhammad Ayoub
College of Law, Al-Nahrain University,
Assit. Teacher. Zafar Kamal Yassin
College of Law, Al-Israa University
Keywords: International humanitarian law, armed groups, International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva Conventions.


The importance of the topic arose after the scourges resulting from the effects of the two world wars and international conflicts that the world witnessed, which were followed by multiple and flagrant violations of the rules of international humanitarian law and a complete violation of their implementation and lack of respect for them. Especially after internal conflicts that were sometimes caused by international conflicts or conflicts that occurred as a result of persecutions practiced by the force controlling a region in a country, whose primary goal is to achieve victory regardless of the application of international humanitarian law or its violation and non-compliance with the laws of war. From this summary, the International Committee of the Red Cross has an important role in this field in order to spread the spirit of humanity and peace among all people. This committee worked to ensure that the provisions of the Geneva Conventions (international humanitarian law) are applied when any conflict occurs, and that they are applied and complied with by the second party to the conflict, even if they are armed groups outside the state, to ensure the protection of civilian individuals present on the territory of the state in which the conflict occurred.

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