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Internship Experiences and Self-Efficacy Development in Chinese College Students: A Comprehensive Analysis

Yao, Wenjing
International College, Krirk University, Thailand, 10220
Wu. Wenchuan
Institution: International College, Krirk University, Thailand, 10220
Keywords: Internship experience, self-efficiency development, college student.


Internships play a crucial role in integrating academic knowledge with practical application in the ever-changing field of modern education. This research investigates the factors that determine college students'(CS) desire towards entrepreneurship by analyzing the developments behind student internships influence the effects of student entrepreneurial attitude (SEA), objective norms (ON), actual behavioral responsibility (ABR), entrepreneurial studies (ES), and entrepreneurial self-efficacy development (ESD) on college students' mindset to start their businesses. Total of 525 genuine responses acquired from the survey were analyzed using SPSS. The analysis included multiple linear regression analysis, regulation and slope assessment. The results indicate that SEA, ON, ABR, ES and ESD positively influence college students' self-efficacy perspectives. The examination of regulation and slope indicates that Internship development (ID) reduces the impact of SEA, ON, ABR and ESD on the entrepreneurial behaviors of college students. Nevertheless, the utilization of ID did not influence the effect of ES on the Entrepreneurship mindset (EM). The discussion explores the consequences of these discoveries for the progress in long-term entrepreneurship and internship programs, including educational and practical elements.

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