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The Impact of Enabling Strategies on Organizational Innovation and their Role in Achieving Sustainable Growth in the Financial Sector Analytical Study on Mansour Bank

Marwah Abdulkhaleq Khamees
IHEC- University of Sousse Tunisia.
Dhibi Mohamed
Higher Institute of management of Sousse. LAMIDED Laboratory, university of Sousse Tunisia.
Keywords: enabling strategies - organizational innovation - sustainable growth.


The study aims to evaluate the nature and effectiveness of the enabling strategies implemented by Mansour Bank to promote innovation within the organizational context. And to study the tangible results of organizational innovation within Mansour Bank, taking into account changes in products, services, processes and overall business processes. Linking innovation to sustainable growth and studying the relationship between organizational innovation, which is enabled through specific strategies, and achieving sustainable growth in the financial sector. The results support the existence of a positive and statistically significant relationship between sustainable growth in financial institutions and organizational innovation. This means that a bank's sustainable growth is closely linked to the level of innovation within the organization. Correlation measures also confirm the strength and direction of this relationship. The research is important in making a significant contribution to the broader discourse on effective regulatory management in the financial sector. This result confirms the importance of enhancing the culture of innovation within Mansour Bank as a strategy for achieving sustainable growth in the financial sector. Organizational innovation contributes to enhancing the bank's ability to adapt to market changes, enhance efficiency and position itself for long-term success. Research on empowerment strategies, organizational innovation and sustainable growth for Mansour Bank has provided valuable insights into the dynamics of organizational management within the financial sector. As we summarize the key findings and practical implications, it becomes clear that the interplay between empowerment, innovation and sustainable practices is a critical factor in shaping the bank's success. In conclusion, Al Mansour Bank stands at the forefront of institutional excellence, benefiting from empowerment, innovation and sustainability to ensure a competitive advantage in the financial sector. The research not only contributes to academic knowledge, but also provides actionable insights for organizational leaders, offering a roadmap for continued success.

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