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European and Asian Markets for Russian Energy Sources

Akhlas Qassim Nafil
Head of the Department of International Economic Relations at the College of Political Science, Al-Nahrain University
Zainab Samir Ahmed
Master's student in the Department of International Economic Relations, Faculty of Political Science, Al-Nahrain University
Keywords: ( Russia, energy markets, Europe, Asia).


The European and Asian markets are among the most important receiving markets for Russian energy sources. Europe is considered the first importer of Russian energy sources in large quantities, whether oil or natural gas, which Russia possesses in large quantities. In return, there is a great European need for these resources in order to achieve its energy security. The Asian markets are a modern and new direction for Russia. It plans to continue production and export in the same quantities and without being affected by American and European threats and sanctions and the fear that the European Union will abandon Russia's energy exports.

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