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Ethical Dealing Strategies in the Speech of the Prophets (PBUT), according to the Principle of Politeness by Robin Lakoff

Hawraa Qasim Abduzzahra
Department of Arabic Language, College of Arts, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq
Abbas Abdulhussein Ghayyadh
Department of Arabic Language, College of Arts, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq
Keywords: politeness Robin Lakoff, communication strategies in the speech of prophets, courtship strategy, chastity strategy, strategy doubt..


This paper discussed “Strategies for Ethical Dealing in the Speech of the Prophets (PBUT) According to the Principle of Politeness by Robin Lakoff” disclosing the aspects of politeness in the speech of the Prophets (BPUT)with God. They reflect their purpose through the use of various strategies, methods, and means that contribute to the speech reaching the highest levels of politeness, character, and kindness. Politeness is considered one of the most prominent central concepts in modern western pragmatic linguistics, as it is a concept that seeks to establish sociolinguistic consistency between interlocutors when communicating. politeness began as a theory consisting of a set of disciplinary communicative principles, at the beginning of which is the principle of politeness by linguist Lakoff, and the rules branching from it that formed the most important interaction strategies, which are: courtship, chastity, and choice. Each strategy contains methods and means that seek to control the interactional aspect, It has been found that politeness and kindness in the courtship speech of the Prophet Moses (PBUH), where he embodied gentleness, reassurance, trust, and care for the aspect of polite, solidaristic dealings. Likewise, It has been made clear that politeness and refinement in the chaste speech of the Prophet Abraham (PBUH) as chastity is evident in speech and taking into consideration the position of the addressee. Finally, politeness and courtesy in speech, by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the use of interrogative methods and avoiding direct. Therefore, the speeches of prophets with God were the home of politeness.

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