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Reengineering and Culture Modification Techniques of Ict Sectors: Responses to Radical Changes

Marilou A. Maderazo
Ras al Khaimah Campus, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE
Aaron Paul M. Pineda
Al Dhafra Region Campuses, Higher colleges of Technology, UAE
Pedro C. Flores
Ras al Khaimah Campus, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE
Marisse V. Aranas
Ras al Khaimah Campus, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE
Faustino D. Reyes II
Bahrain Polytechnic, Kingdom of Bahrain
Keywords: Reengineering, culture modification, ICT sectors, radical change, GCC countries.


Radical changes have occurred in the ICT sector as a result of the rapid pace of technological advancements, compelling firms to evolve or risk becoming obsolete. Reengineering and culture modification techniques have become effective strategies to respond to these changes. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which reengineering and culture modification were used among selected ICT sectors in the GCC countries in order to find out how these sectors respond to radical changes. This study was based on the principle advanced by Chin and Benne (in French, Bell, and Zawacki, 2014) that changes agents must use people technologies to plan, install, and evaluate changes in business practices. The descriptive-survey method of research was used in this study. Researcher-made questionnaires were used as instruments of data collection. Data on the techniques of reengineering and organization culture modification applied in the ICT sectors in the selected GCC countries were collected. The study yielded findings which revealed that ICT sectors in the selected GCC countries, often used reengineering techniques in terms of definition of change objectives; personal commitment to change; executive consensus; absolute Vigilance; readiness to abandon old methods; and belief in the change process. Regarding the culture modification techniques as viewed by the respondents, ICT sectors often used change of focus; change in handling crisis; change in recruitment systems; change in promotion systems; and change in reward systems. The results of the statistical test showed that the hypothesis is rejected. Researchers conclude that use of reengineering and culture modification techniques are essential responses to radical change in the ICT sectors. Recommendations include disseminating adequate information about company changes before adopting modified practices; involving employees in the change implementation; and creating a favorable climate for implementing change and emphasize the most effective ways to promote readiness.

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