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Transforming Chinese Calligraphy into Kinetic Sculptures: An Innovative Approach Using Rhino 3D Software

Gang, Qin
Faculty of Decorative Arts of Silpakorn University, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Pairoj Jamuni
Faculty of Decorative Arts of Silpakorn University, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Veerawat Sirvesmas
Faculty of Decorative Arts of Silpakorn University, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Eakachat Joneurairatana
Faculty of Decorative Arts of Silpakorn University, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Gang, Qin
Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Chengdu,610021, China,
Keywords: Computer graphics processing,Rhino software technology,2D character graphics to 3D symbol models.


The field of 3D art and design has experienced significant growth, driven by advances in technology and software. This paper explores the integration of Chinese calligraphy art and modern technology through the use of Rhino software to create 3D art symbol designs. The study focuses on converting 2D Chinese characters into complex 3D symbol models, with a particular emphasis on the cultural and historical significance of the selected characters.The research introduces the novel spiral balance theory to systematically transform 2D Chinese characters into three-dimensional sculptures, providing a new dimension for the development of sculptural art. By leveraging Rhino software's capabilities, artists and designers can explore new avenues of creative expression and cultural representation. The paper reviews previous works in 3D art models using Rhino software and discusses the integration of Chinese cursive script into 3D art models. Furthermore, it delves into the cultural and historical significance of "phoenix" characters in cursive script, particularly the Phoenix symbol, and its role in bridging traditional art with contemporary digital representations.The paper outlines the design path of the 3D art model creation process, from selecting the Chinese Phoenix symbol to using Rhino 3D software for modeling and achieving gravity balance for stability. The study emphasizes the importance of achieving gravity balance for stability, ensuring that the center of gravity aligns with the support points to create a stable 3D model.Finally, the paper presents the rendering and tuning process, incorporating colors, textures, and lighting to bring the 3D Phoenix character symbols to life. By following this innovative approach, designers can create captivating digital sculptures that combine traditional Chinese calligraphy with cutting-edge 3D modeling techniques, fostering a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture and promoting cultural exchange on a global scale.

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