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Folksongs: A Dynamic Expression of Cultural Heritage in Select Indigenous Autobiographies

Ms Shamna Razia
Assistant Professor, Department of English, PSMO College, Tirurangadi, Malappuram, Kerala, Part-Time Researcher, Institute of English, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Keywords: Oral Tradition, Māori Folksong, Aboriginal People, Cultural Transmission, Personal Narratives, Cultural Revitalization..


Folksongs, deeply embedded in the oral traditions of indigenous cultures, serve as powerful medium for cultural transmission and resistance against assimilation. This paper explores the resonant theme of folksongs in select indigenous autobiographies, interpreting them as threads that intricately weave the cultural tapestry of indigenous communities. Through an analysis of two autobiographical narratives, Moon and Rainbow: The Autobiography of an Aboriginal by Dick Roughsey and The Autobiography of a Māori by Reweti T. Kohere,  this study highlights the multifaceted role of folksongs in conveying cultural resonance, echoing ancestral wisdom, affirming cultural identity, and contributing to personal narratives set to the rhythm of cultural traditions. The inclusion of folksongs in indigenous autobiographies becomes a deliberate act of cultural revitalization and healing, offering a unique perspective on the interplay between music, identity, and the preservation of indigenous cultures. This exploration sheds light on the significance of folksongs as dynamic expressions of cultural heritage within the literary landscape of indigenous autobiographies.

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