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Tourism Culture in the Quality of Hotel Service in Tacna

Rubens Houson Pérez-Mamani
Doctor, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Armando Tarco Sánchez
Doctor, Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco
Elmer Oswaldo Barrera Benavides
Magíster, Universidad Nacional de San Agustín
Luis Gonzalo Barrera Benavides
Magíster, Universidad Tecnológica del Perú
Manuel Yuri Apaza Valencia
Magíster, Universidad Privada de Tacna
Keywords: Tourist culture, quality of hotel service, tourist..


The main objective of the research is to determine the influence of tourist culture on the quality of hotel service in the city of Tacna; being the pure or basic type, of explanatory level, where the design was non-experimental, the data was collected cross-sectionally, the sample was 384 Chilean tourists, the technique was the survey and the instrument was the questionnaire, the approach being quantitative. It was found that 76.6% of tourists consider that the level of tourist culture that characterizes the Tacneño population is high, with the most prominent dimension being "Attitudes"; and 98.7% consider that the level of quality of Tacneño hotel service is high, with the most notable dimension being "Tangibles". It is concluded that there is no significant influence of tourist culture on the quality of hotel service in the city of Tacna (chi-square = 0.686 and p = 0.408); Similarly, there is no influence of cultural attitudes and practices on the quality of hotel service, while there is influence of cultural knowledge on the quality of hotel service.

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